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The Quality of our Work

From the start we have placed strong emphasis on excellence, accuracy and attention to detail, together with prompt and efficient service. Our client’s requirements and satisfaction come first.

We can do this because:

We have a large in-house language capability — Spanish, French, German, Russian, Portuguese, Polish, Greek, Italian and English. What this means to ABGlobal Translations’ clients is close personal attention to their project and very high quality work. For the languages we don’t do in-house (and nobody does them all), we have a large roster of independent translators of very high caliber, most of whom have been with us for years. Their languages include Japanese, Chinese, Arabic, Swedish, Hebrew, Turkish and all the other languages now used in modern international technology and business. Our longstanding arrangements with our professional associates assure our clients continuity and high quality work at cost-effective prices across the board.

We hand pick all our associates. Like ourselves, they are both professional translators and educated professionals with proven careers in other fields — law, engineering, medicine, computer science, education. All of them are at least bilingual and have academic degrees (usually advanced degrees) in the languages they translate from and into.

Naturally, we have all of the modern equipment and computer programs so we can deliver the work in the format and form the client needs.

As to deadlines, the client decides what they are and ABGlobal Translations meets them.

All this is at your service for a competitive price. Please visit our representative price list.