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Our Services: Languages for a Smaller World

ABGlobal Translations offers a full range of translation services for business, industry, communications and engineering.

We have the resources, experience and dependability to handle large complex jobs with the utmost efficiency, accuracy and confidentiality. ABGlobal also welcomes small personal jobs. Our certifications are accepted by the United States Immigration and Naturalization Service and by all universities and employers.

  • We were one of the three companies selected by the Federal Broadcast Information Service for a large-scale privatization pilot project that required fast turn-around and large volume on a variety of topics and languages.
  • As contractors to the Social Security Administration, we translated millions of words of medical documents in a wide range of languages and on strict and short deadlines.

We have the capability to translate all languages both into English and from English into the foreign language.

We strictly adhere to your deadlines. How soon can we get your job done? When you need it.

We work in any format including WordPerfect, Microsoft Word, FrameMaker, PageMaker, QuarkXpress and PDF Acrobat files.

WEB SITE TRANSLATIONS. If you want to expand your market horizon and get your message out around the world, call ABGlobal Translations about translating your web site. The input: your web site. The output: your web site in Spanish, French, German or any other language ready to load onto your server.